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Discover the ancient city of Carthago Nova and its traditional tapas.

ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE Port of Cartagena. We’ll park our cars and meet up in the “Plaza de los Héroes de Cavite. (see Location tab).
DURATION From 10:00 to 14:00
Local guide.

Museum and Roman Theatre tickets.

Casa Romana ticket.

Photo memory.

Official tourist guide.

Barrio del Foro Romano ticket.

2 traditional tapas and 1 drink.

TARGET PUBLIC Everybody. To all those who want to live a unique experience, learn the culture and enjoy an unforgettable day alone or accompanied.

Cartagena is one of the most historic cities in Spain. It was founded in 227 BC by the Carthaginian Hasdrubal as Qart hadasht and later renowned as Cartagena. It is a strategic city because of its great mining wealth and its privileged location between the Mediterranean Sea and an interior lagoon, which allowed an easy defence.

We advise you to live this unique and original experience that will let you get close to the history of the ancient Carthago Nova.

The route starts in the Roman Theatre entrance, where a local guide will bring you in its Museum. Here, in an area with the capacity for 6,000 people, an official local guide will show you amazing remains founded during several excavations.

The second stop-over will be the Barrio del Foro Romano, which shows another aspect of the Roman Cartagena heritage. Here, you will enjoy thermal baths, a Religious building, the Atrium edifice and a Greco-Roman Sanctuary dedicated to celebrate ritual banquets in honour of Gods like Isis or Serapis.

You will also live as a Roman family, enjoying an experience first-hand in a typical house of the I century BC. In this way, you will able to learn about Roman domestic life, habits and traditions of that age.

Finally, you will go to the Traditional Market to walk through the stalls and see the traditional products of Cartagena, and finally you will go to the restaurant to taste two traditional tapas and a refreshing drink.


1: Local guide

Accompanying you with our local guide and an official guide.

2: Qart Hadasht

Visiting and interpreting the Roman vestiges of the old Qart Hadasht.

3: Roman house

Going to a Roman house to understand the customs, culture and domestic life of the time.

4:Tapas and drink

Savoring two traditional tapas and a refreshing drink.


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