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Feel Aguilas from its humble tradition of the sea and good gastronomy.

ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE Centro de Interpretación del mar de Águilas.
DURATION From 10:00 to las 18:00
Citizen guide from Aguilas during the whole day.

Navigation around the bay of Mazarrón.

Meal in the Watchtower of the XVIIth century. Traditional Meal.

Visit to the fish market and the auction of fish and shellfish.


Guided visit to the Centre of Interpretation of the sea and aquarium.

Transport of ascent to the Castle.

Ticket to the castle.

Photographs of the lived experience.

TARGET PUBLIC Everybody. To all those who want to live a unique experience, learn the culture and enjoy an unforgettable day alone or accompanied.

We´ll start this experience by meeting up with the guide of Siente Murcia who will be waiting for you at the doors of the installations of the Centre of the Interpretation of the Sea – Aquarium Aguilas, where we´ll give you the information and tools necessary for understanding and enjoying the natural heritage and the traditional maritime culture of this beautiful town.

In a trawling boat of more than 20 metres in length, a sea water tank of great dimensión (30.000 litres), which houses authoctonous species, 3 tanks of 3.000 litres each, which contain mediterranean species as well as 9 other theme aquariums of something more than 500 litres with species of animals and plants of the rest of other seas and oceans of the world.

Finally we will pass by the fisherman’s house to continue walking along the beautiful bay until reaching the port. There, we will be taken away by a patron who knows the sea and the city like the palm of his hand and we will go onboard to get to know the coast and traditions of this historic city.

On arrival to the harbour, we´ll move on to one of the highest parts of the city, an eighteenth century castle, a lookout tower which in the past controlled the robbery of Berber pirates and in which we´ll enjoy a local traditional meal and some views of both bays that´ll make you dream. Then, on a full stomach, we will descend from the castle to personally experience the sale of fish and seafood in a local auction house. At this point, it´ll be time to say goodbye and make it clear .. When´s the next time?


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