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Discover the Mediterranean fishing city of Cartagena by the hand of an authentic local fisherman, live in first person an auction in the fishermans guild and do not go without trying the fried fish in the fishing restaurant.

DEPARTURE/ARRIVAL Port of Cartagena.
DURATION Half Journey (16:30 – 20:30)
Local guide.

Explanation fishing gear and local fish.

Tasting of local fish in fishing port and refreshment.



Explanation of fishing boats.

Assistance to the auction and live auction.

Photographs of the lived experience.

TARGET AUDIENCE Everybody. To all those who want to live a unique experience, learn the culture and enjoy an unforgettable day alone or accompanied.

The time has come for you to live from within the fishing tradition that has always accompanied this beautiful and historic Mediterranean city, Cartagena. We will meet at the gates of one of the cofradías of fishermen with more long tradition of the Mediterranean since here they began to fish in Prehistoric, Phenicia and Muslim times.

At the door you will receive a local fisherman who will introduce us to the hard life of this craft while teaching us the facilities and takes us to see the fishing boats come from fishing, all loaded with fresh fish and seafood, surrounded by a cloud of seagulls and a barrage of hours of work behind them. We will see how they get the newly caught fish, we will learn the types of vessels that exist, the methods of collecting fish and the type of fish collected at different times of the year. Following and continuing with the usual fishing activity, we will accompany the fisherman to the auction, where we will witness an auction between fishermen and live fish buyers.

And this does not end here. Surely during this day you have been getting hungry. It is time to take a fresh beer and give way to the fishing gastronomy. How about a fry of fish, Roman squids, cod fritters, and some shrimp pancakes? The night has already arrived and with it the collection of the fishermen until the following dawn. Now it’s time to take a walk through the port city of Cartagena.


1: Local fisherman

Knowing a local fisherman who will accompany us during the tour.

2: Fishing boats

Receiving the fishing boats and watching the fish and the seafood of the season recently caught.

3: Fish auction.

Going to a live fish auction in the Fisherman’s fish auction.

4: Fresh fish

Tasting freshly caught fish.


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