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Discover Cartagena’s gastronomy by a route across the local “Bodegas” of the city.

ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE Port of Cartagena. Plaza del Puerto de Cartagena.
DURATION Half journey (11:00 – 16:00)
Roundtrip ticket on a passenger ship.

Tapas tour.

Preparation and tasting of Asiatico coffee.

1 tapa + a soft-drink (any of the menu) in each bodega of the old town.

Ticket and visit to the fortress of the 19th century.

1 tapa of Caldero + a soft-drink (any of the menú).

Explanation of the important history of the bay of Cartagena aboard the ship.

TARGET PUBLIC To all those who want to live a unique experience, learn the culture and enjoy an unforgettable day alone or accompanied.

Experience and enjoy for one day local tapas and drinks, hanging around the best tavern of Cartagena. The route will start from the Sea, which will allow you to admire the old town from a faraway view: the entrance of the symbolic Cartagena’s port. Here, you will climb on board, where a local people will explain some historical and cultural details of the emblematic port of Cartagena and its surroundings. Once there, you will discover one of the most important defensive buildings of the XIX century. Here, the guide will show you the secrets of this ancient place.

After the guided tour, you will stop in a tavern specialized in rice, fry and see food products. Here, you will taste the specialty of the restaurant, El Caldero. To conclude the visit in this amazing place, the waiter will show you how to make an Asiatico coffee, in order to drink it in front of one of the most beautiful view of the city.

Afterwards, you will take the boat again to enjoy a walk in the Bay of Cartagena.

The first bodega of our route on the mainland is one of the most traditional and emblematic of the city, where you will taste different tapas and among others, the vermouth “con sifón”. Later, you will stop in another bodega specialized in the production of sardines of Santoña. Here, you can try different popular drinks, such as Mistela or a sweet wine, which are combined with tasty tapas of anchovy or salmon.

Finally, you will reach the last tavern of the old town specialized in tapas with champignon mushroom and artichokes. We do not have doubt that it is one of the indispensable stop-over of Cartagena.


1: Boat ride

Taking a boat ride to the first stop located in front of the Port of Cartagena.

2: 19th century fortress

Visiting a 19th century fortress that was key to the defense of Cartagena Bay.

3: Caldero

Tasting the star dish of the Spanish southeast, the “Arroz Caldero” and refreshing with a drink of your choice.

4: Asiático

Learning to prepare the Cartagena’s coffee par excellence, “El Asiatico” (The Asian).

5: Boat trip

Taking a boat trip through the bay of Cartagena and returning to the three thousand years old port.

6: 3 Tapas

Tasting 3 tapas and 3 typical drinks to choose from among the three most traditional, authentic and varied wineries in the city.


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