Our team and collaborators

Siente Murcia was born thanks to people, entities, businesses, institutions, clubs and organisations.

It has been, thanks to the support from these groups, that Siente Murcia has transformed into the perfect example of a business focused on one of a kind touristic activities that emphasizes in experiencing every moment.

Because, at the end of the day the people that manages these businesses are the ones who have lived in these places. This is why they believe in this project, because they want to show off tradition, history, culture, nature, gastronomy; everything they have grown up living, so that you can experience this land it in the same unadulterated way that they did. Welcome to Spain’s Southeast Paradaise.

José Pastor

He loves nature and gastronomy and, above all, human interaction. He is very keen on sports, travelling, animals, education and kids. “I feel that I am one with sea and mountain”.
I am and will always be a “kid”and that’s why I started Siente Murcia, to fulfil my long-time dream of showing everybody the beauty in our region.

I will make sure you get to know this paradise in the most original way possible. You don’t believe me? Don’t hesitate to call.

Jenifer Argudo

I have been told al my life that I am a true organiser. That’s why I am in charge of planning everything and make sure everybody is well taken care of. Also I take part in commercial and managing actions, where I apply my eco and sustainable point of view.

I am very active and involved in educations and I am always willing to keep learning. We consider that our region is amazing and we want to share its charm at the same time we teach the respect that nature deserves.

Julio Bernardeau

I am passionate about sea, especially sailboats. To me, doing sports in the sea is essential.

If I had to define myself as an expert of anything, I would be as a 3D design and web development expert. In Siente Murcia’s team I design any idea that Pepe wants to develop. He tells me the idea and I make it happen.

Agustín Zamora

Even though I am the eldest of the group, I feel the youngest. My professional life is focused in communication and project development thanks to my creative personality and attention to detail.

This is the main reason why I needed to make “Siente Murcia” happen, because this business has a lot to offer and teach. Murcia is honestly, a Region still yet to discover.

“Creativity, innovation, planning, social network, strategic marketing and communication”, that’s me right there.

Manuel Trieves

I come from a family of fishermen from Lo Pagan and since I can even remember, my whole life has been about the sea. My father took me fishing on his boat even before I could hold the rod. Around my 12 birthday I was sure that my professional life had to be linked to the sea.

I have a college degree on Sea Science, a Masters in Sustainable Managing of Maritime and Coastal Systems; and several degrees on Maritime Transportation and Deep-Sea Fishing, Professional Diving, Sport Diving, Scientific Diver, Port Captain, Dive Master, Dive Guide, Dive Technician, Yatch Captain, etc. To sum it all up, I share all my sea knowledge with Siente Murcia